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Our Staff

In this profession it is often very difficult to get the RIGHT staff. As is so often said, "..anyone can clean a car.." (Which is very true) however, not everyone can 'valet' a car and there really is a difference. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that the person we select to wear the shirt is the absolute right person for the job. So, we look for the operative that is able to interact with our clients as well as being able to clean the clients car. We make the usual checks to ensure they are of good character, however we also test their ability to handle delicate situations, their ability to consider the clients property and their willingness with to treat the clients environment respect. Our training covers not just cleaning of the car, but also the way the operative conducts themselves.

We expect the operative to always be well groomed and presentable and account for the client’s position and needs. our staff will always show the utmost respect to all our clients (& we expect the client to show the same level) to make sure that all clients feel relaxed and unconcerned about leaving their vehicle in our hands. Our operatives are passionate about valeting cars, which when you consider the types of cars we prepare is hardly surprising. That passion means that you will receive the best possible standards of valeting, whether that is for an exhibition, private client or special occasion. The operative will treat your vehicle as though it was their own. We take the care of your car very seriously. That's why, we always take great efforts to train our staff prior to them being 'let loose' with your pride and joy.

Our onsite training is not only some of the most intense, but also some of the most stringent in the profession. We are acutely aware of the trust and belief you place in us, whenever you give us your car and whatever car you give us. That is why we not only teach of operatives how to clean a car, but also how to do so safely and without causing damage. We teach them the correct products and equipment to use and teach them how to behave on site. Our unrivalled level of service has been improved & perfected over the many years we have been trading. All of this is to reinforce your belief that you have made the right choice when you chose us. This means we eliminate the simple and costly errors that are caused by the inferior standards set by other valeting companies. But that's not all. We also send them to Autoglym's factory in Letchworth for a full training course with some the industries recognized experts. This means they are given instruction on how to best clean, refurbish, rejuvenate and renovate your car using some of the finest products in the world.

Once passed and awarded their Autoglym certificate, they are then allowed to clean and prepare your car. periodically, we will also send them on a refresher course to ensure they are up to date with the latest and best valeting methods. Now that's training!

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Our Car Class's

We seperate cars into different category’s, this is dependant on the length of the car, if you need to find out what category select the option below.

Class 1


Class 2


Class 3