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lifeshine lifetime warranty and registration

autoglym’s lifeshine, provided by the premium car valet provider, system offers you superb piece of mind with a comprehensive lifetime of your ownership warranty. subject to reasonable on-going care your car should remain in top condition throughout your period of ownership and to make things easy we have provided a complimentary care kit featuring a comprehensive selection of autoglym products you need to maintain that showroom look.

autoglym lifeshine can be applied to new and pre-owned cars. if your car is older than 5 years and you wish to have the lifeshine service carried out, your car is still going to be protected once it has been applied. however, we would strongly recommend you consider , optional extras for both the inside and outside, as once the sealant is applied the paint and interior can not improved. consider when varnishing paint work, you also prepare the wood first, before you varnish and seal in the paintwork. lifhsine is the same, it is always best to carefully and fully prepare before applying.

the autoglym lifeshine warranty

the autoglym lifeshine warranty program covers, any degradation of the standard areas that have been originally treated with lifeshine. for example, if upholstery staining occurs due to a drink spillage, then autoglym will undertake to clean and retreat the area free of charge*.

warranty number example

warranty numbers will consist of a combination of 16 letters and digits similar to the example below lifeshine warranty (example) 1234-BC1A-1234-ABC1

autoglym operate a dedicated lifeshine/customer support no. details of which are included in the registration certificate which you will receive once the lifeshine treatment is complete.

any queries with autoglym you should call or 01462 677766 or email quoting your warranty no.

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lifeshine certificate