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autoglym lifeshine steps

autoglym lifeshine is designed for a brand new car that has not left the showroom yet, so the specification is very low as it does not need to be high for a brand new car. we do not rejuvenate or reinvigorate the paintwork nor do we shampoo or in any way deeply clean the interior, headlining, plastics or boot area. if you are need or a deep clean on the exterior or the interior. here is a brief explanation of the process we do carry out, but it may not be carried out in this order.

Initial wash
step 1

we thoroughly clean the exterior of the car and start by rinsing the bodywork, wheels and arches down, ready to apply the preparation products. the wheels are thoroughly cleaned

clean wheels
step 2

we give the entire car a autoglym tfr bath, including the lower areas and the arches. This cleanses the exterior, removing basic surface contaminents. the bodywork is then soaped down using Autoglym's wash wax solution.

Rinse down
step 3

we now pressure wash the exterior, including the arches and the wheels. once rinsed down the car is then leathered dry including the shuts, jams and wheels.

Glass Guard
step 4

we clean all the exterior and interior glass and mirrors and then apply Glass guard to all glass. this does not cover the front and rear screens for safety reasons. we then we apply the ceramic protectant all over the exterior, including all the shuts, painted wheel arches and if possible, the wheels.

Hoover Interior
step 5

the interior is brushed and hoovered, including the carpets, boot and seats. all crevices are dusted. if the interior is heavily soiled, including the plastics you need to consider options(excluding heavily soiled areas).

Interior Protection
step 6

once the soft furnishings have been fully prepared, we then apply the lifeshine interior protector. this is generously sprayed onto all the fabrics, which includes the headlining and plastics (and if applicable leather).

HD Wax
step 7

nearing completion, we dress the tyres and trim on the outside if required and then remove the ceramic coating from the bodywork, shuts and wheels. once fully removed we rebuff the paintwork and check over the car to ensure complete quality control.

Lifeshine Kit
step 8

we now place the free BLACK complimentary autoglym kit in the car. this kit is essential to maintain the car after we have finished and we will explain the items in the kit and their purpose. we're all done.

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