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our promise

the preparation and maintenance of the cars entrusted to our care is very important to us and that is why we place so much emphasis on every aspect of our service. from your initial contact right through to the finished valet, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in safe, competent and trustworthy hands. when contacting for the first time, either through our freephone number or through our e-mail system, you will always receive good honest advice. we will explain all the options open to you and directing you to our web site so you can check out our services in your own time and confirm exactly what we are saying and going to do to your car.

we will, wherever possible say who is coming to you and what time (our times are rough, because we cannot guarantee the condition of each unseen car we are/were working on previously, the availability of each previous customer to promptly check upon the service completion and traffic conditions travelling to you), they will be with you. once all this is done, we will also send you a confirmation e-mail, outlining all the important details of your booking, prior to the appointment. we will need you to send this email back to us as confirmation of the booking. we will also keep you updated by e-mail as to our progress and advise you of any changes. once on site, our operatives will explain the service they are about to complete and what it will entail and once completed show you around the valet, pointing out areas of detail and cleaning. when the entire service is completed you will be sent a receipt within around 5 days by e-mail, by PDF. we will also ask you for your comments on the service and we would like to hear them, good or bad! in the future, you may also like to consider having your car valeted again by us on a regular basis. our regular services are explained in greater detail here.


listening to our customer’s feedback and comments is essential and means that we offer a service that is so perfectly attuned to the customers requirements that the client chooses by default, so today our services, be they to our corporate or private customers, for exhibitions or motor shows, provide the client with a wealth of experience and expertise that is almost impossible to replicate elsewhere. if you have a quality car or event where you need to make the right impression then you should not compromise, get the experts in!

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Our Car Class's

We seperate cars into different category’s, this is dependant on the length of the car, if you need to find out what category select the option below.