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Autoglym Lifeshine and

after over 35 years of loyal, unwavering and complaint free service to Autoglym and Lifeshine we regret to announce that. as of March 28, 2022 we are no longer applying nor recommending Autoglym Lifeshine as we have, without notice, had our authorisation and ability to purchase new stock and kits, withdrawn.

the circumstances and reasons for the Autoglym withdrawal have been confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of Autoglym, Paul Caller as down to a change in supply policy as of early 2020, meaning only car dealers would be supplied. the CEO of Autoglym also confirmed that the decision was not based upon any negative reasons issues or lack of satisfaction with our service or any matter specific to, but purely down to an Autoglym policy change.

we will be publishing the full correspondence between ourselves and Autoglym shortly here autoglym lifeshine. please do check back shortly for updates, more information and our new ceramic coating services, coming on line soon.

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