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mould contamination

mould is an issue that can occur at any time of the year, but is particularly a problem when it is cold, damp and sudden bursts of heat are used, such as direct sunlight or internal car heaters. mould is very difficult to remove and can not be removed by ‘standard’ cleaning alone, as the products used there are simply not strong enough to remove the mould. our specialist services are specifically designed to deal with this insidious issue.

if the issue in your car is compared to a loaf of bread, when one slice gets mouldy, very quickly the rest of the loaf also becomes covered in mould. therefore, even if only one area of your interior is covered in mould, the likely position is that the entire interior is covered in mould. the grey/blue/green/silver/white spores are the last stages of mould, with the interior going through many stages before these spores appear, so the whole of the interior is likely covered and needs attention and this is what we would recommend. however we can simply attend to one area that is covered in mould if that is requested, however if this route is taken, we would be unable to offer the free return visit as it is highly unlikely to solve your problem. as mould is also an extreme health and safety issue, it is critical that the problem is resolved as soon as possible as breathing in mould and damp is a hazard to driver and passengers alike. it is extremely important that the issue is resolved as soon as possible. we offer our usual, within 48 hours call out and also our free return visit, if the issues returns within 7 days. t & c’s apply, including the need to ensure the original cause of the mould has been resolved before we attend the first time. as all our staff have been trained by autoglym (certified by autoglym), they are perfectly qualified to rectify your issues.

our stages.

any standard shampoo of the interior will not be enough as the products used will not be strong enough to both remove and kill the bacteria, so our specialist products are specifically designed to deal with this type of issue. our mould service consists of a number of stages. we firstly complete a full interior clean, based upon the full interior specification. this produces the ‘coverage’ area. then we carry out a further 3-4 stages of specialist cleaning using our specialist products and we repeat this process on every surface within the car, including the seats, carpets, steering wheel, plastics and seat belts. this provides the specialist product part of the service, that kills the bacteria and assists in preventing it from returning. this service will take between 3-6 hours for one person to complete, but does depend upon the size/type of the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle.

you can also specify an Autoglym air conditioning sanitiser - this is a ‘bomb’ using similar products to those for the fabrics but in a gaseous form and it is sucked into the dashboard and behind it, so killing any bacteria in that area. this option is particularly useful if the mould has been present for more than a week or already covers most of the interior. - click here

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