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Why Carvalet

Time and again, franchising has greatly out-performed other start-up businesses. Its formula of a locally owned and run enterprise, driven by a small business owner, with branding, economies of scale and support from the wider network, gives the consumer the best of both worlds and the business a far better chance of success. – British franchise association (

Carvalet.. is the uk's premier provider of prestige hand car valet services. We specialises in: Swissvax, Zymol, Autoglym LifeShine, paint rejuvenation, specialist removal, leather treatment, hood protection and cleaning.

We’ve been established for over 20 years, and have developed a credible and professional valeting service which has been used by some of the most challenging customers in our sector. From television production companies, through privately owned car collections to the icons of the motor manufacturing world, we’re expert and professional services have been used by numerous businesses and organisations.

About limited is a premium car valet operation headquartered in Maidenhead. is currently operating in london, the home counties and the midlands with strategic expansion allowing a uk-wide network of operations. With its well-established operating routines, experienced team and a portfolio of satisfied customers, is the first option for maintenance of vehicles as exhibitions, car launches and advertising photo-shoots.

The history

We’re a highly experienced, respected and long-established mobile car valeting company which, created in 1998, which has gone from strength to strength. wanted to create a new kind of valet service that, unlike all other offerings, provides a professional, reliable quality service, with an attention to detail that ensures results on aspects of car valeting that is normally over looked by others in this. The concept is to provide a fully equipped mobile service, with both power and water on board, with the right products and equipment ready and to hand to ensure an exceptional standard each time.

The operatives takes the matter of training and expertise very seriously. This is why it always takes great efforts to train its operatives. The on-site training is not only some of the most intense, but also some of the most stringent in the profession. is aware of the trust and belief its customers place in the business each time they give up their car. Operatives are not only taught how to clean a car, but also how to do so safely and without causing damage, and how to use the correct products and equipment to its maximum potential. sends operatives to Autoglym's factory in Letchworth for a full training course with some the industry’s recognised experts. This means they are given instruction on how to best clean, refurbish, rejuvenate and renovate any car using some of the finest products in the world. was asked to valet BMW’s release of the m6 at the o2 BMW sponsors the o2 arena and was asked to prepare and maintain their flagship products, displayed at the strategic access ways at the arena. There were two cars, one displayed in a case and the other on a platform. It was clear that the only company commensurate with the BMW brand and able to prepare the vehicles was Attending prior to the launch, and using only premium products and methods, prepared the cars and ready for display. As one of the vehicles was to be displayed outside, the maintenance methods had to be adjusted to ensure it looked pristine throughout. applied a premium wax so that not only did the paintwork have a deeper lustre but also the protection was further enhanced. The other vehicle was housed inside a glass case. Once again, this time with the convertible, we needed to make sure that from all angles and from any view, the interior and the exterior looked superb. This service ensured that BMW’s products were shown at their best throughout.

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Our Car Class's

We seperate cars into different category’s, this is dependant on the length of the car, if you need to find out what category select the option below.