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limescale is a familiar but often missed problem on cars, motorbikes and more. it can be caused by a number of issues, including very hard water, water left on the vehicle without drying it and it can be caused by leakage from car park and building ceilings and roofs when cars are parked in underground car parks, even for short periods of time. limescale becomes particularly difficult when trying to remove it and as is known from domestic situations, rubbing taps, toilets and baths to try to remove limescale simply ends up removing the protective coating.

the most common cause we have found is the use of 'hard' water that has been left on the car to dry (hard water in itself is not a problem, what you do with it is) and cars left in underground car parks and due to the construction of most car parks, using slabs of concrete, when it rains the water finds an exit route through the gaps in the ceiling slabs and mixes with the water to accentuate the 'hard water' issue and provide a much more cohesive and damaging combination.

our service is specifically designed to deal with all types of limescale and with the use of carefully chosen, highly effective and thoroughly safe products we remove the limescale safely and comprehensively. the process is a multi stage process, including an initial bath preparation using a removal product, a further bathing process to remove the remnants and the initial stage products and then finally our Gold Exterior. our course the options of a standard hand waxing or a ultra high definition wax are available as is our paint correction service should an attempt have already been made and the paintwork scratched in the process.

before our limescale service - click on the image to enlarge
after our limescale service - click on the image to enlarge

the results are amazing and generally thoroughly effective without the need to either hand wax the car or paint correct the bodywork.

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