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about us was established in 1988 and has gone from strength to strength. Now in our 30th plus year, offering a professional, reliable quality driven service, with the attention to detail results that are normally over looked by other, claimed experts, at a fraction of their charges. our concept uses fully equipped mobile vans, with both power and water on board, approved autoglym products and equipment.

all our staff are fully trained and then certificated by autoglym at their factory and that training, regardless of their competency and this has produced our unrivalled level of service which is constantly improved and perfected over the years. our insistence on using separate buckets, sponges, leathers and tools for separate tasks helps to ensure the best possible finish without the damage associated with traditional methods and businesses. numerous suggestions are made as to why certain products should be used and others should not – the fact is, whatever the tool is, it must be clean and fresh – that is what helps to prevent marking and abrasions. our frequent replacement policy means that items such as sponges, micro fibre cloths and applicators are replaced before they become abrasive and worn.

we’re local and in your area..

we cover over 75 areas of the UK directly by individual postcode or standard telephone code area. we have professional operatives qualified and certified in your area standing by now and ready to help with your valeting needs. we cover the whole of central London with no call out charges, including all 33 London boroughs. our standard coverage areas are the most of the home counties, stretching upwards to the east midlands and derbyshire areas.

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we always listen..

we always take on board all feedback and comments, which means that we offer a service that is perfectly attuned to our customers’ requirements meaning the client chooses by default, today our services, be they to our corporate or private customers, exhibitions or motor shows, provide the client with a wealth of experience and expertise that is impossible to replicate elsewhere. if you have a premium quality car, specialist issue or problem or car show or event where you need to make the right impression then you should not compromise, get the experts in!

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Our Car Class's

We seperate cars into different category’s, this is dependant on the length of the car, if you need to find out what category select the option below.