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paint correction

if your paintwork has scratches, holowgramming is faded, needs some attention or you are considering autoglym lifeshine, then we have the service for you. as all our staff have been trained by autoglym (certified by autoglym), they are perfectly qualified to rectify your faded or uneven paintwork. we also deal with marked paintwork and rough or contaminated paintwork. we only use the finest products, from 3m, autoglym and other fine paint rejuvenation products.

with paint contamination or rough paint work, we can use clay bars. a clay bar is, with a lubricant, moved around all the bodywork, safely and effectively removing contaminants sitting on the surface of the paint work. this removes issues such as iron filings, tar, road paint, other paint types and transportation wax from new cars. the effect produces super smooth paintwork with a glass like finish. then we move onto the cleansing and cleaning of the paintwork.

our stages..

we use three to four stages here to perfect the paint finish. the first stages involve the use of strong compounds and cleansing fluids to remove any scratches, fading, bird marks (though this does depend upon their severity), overspray or in some cases paint mismatch. the next stage involves the use of finer products designed to remove small scratches and swirl marks. the sort of marks caused by grit and dirt, are removed leaving a beautiful clean finish. then final stage is a coating of compound that removes the 'hologram' effect that is often present after paintwork has been treated. this makes the paintwork look as though it has a permanent smear. the protection stage of our paint correction service is the wax protection needed to help prevent such problems reoccurring. firstly, we apply autoglym's new ultra high definition wax (explained here) to your paintwork, but we can also (as an extra cost option) apply a generous coating of autoglym's ceramic paint sealant. this service alone should take one person, in addition to any other exterior service, between 6 - 10 hours.

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    class 1

    this is our smallest category of car, their length being up to 169 inches and some examples (though not complete) are below (excludes all 4x4 vehicles).

    if you're unsure as to what catagory your car is in please click here.

    BMW Mini Citroen C1 Mazda MX5 Ford KA
    Ford Focus (2009 onwards is class2) BMW 1 Series (5 door) Volvo C30 VW Polo
    Audi A3 Seat Arosa Honda Civic (2016 onwards is class2) Fiat 500
    Toyota Aygo Peugeot 207 SMART Car Renault Clio
    Vauxhall Astra Skoda Fabia Seat Leon Ford Fiesta(pre 2012)
    Toyota Ouris
  • £300.00
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    class 2

    this is our major car category of car, where most cars are. their length being from 170 inches to 200 inches in length.(excludes all 4x4 vehicles) some examples are below

    If you're unsure as to what catagory your car is in please click here.

    BMW 1 Series (Excl 5 door) & 3 Series Ford Mondeo Subaru Legacy VW Passatt
    Honda Accord BMW 5 Series Audi A4 Lexus is250
    Volvo S60 Jaguar XF Citroen C5 Peugeot 407
    Renault Laguna Vaxuhall Vectra Toyota Avensis Jaguar XK
    Scoda Octavia Audi a6 Mazda 6 Alfa Romeo 169
    Mercedes E Class
  • £350.00
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    class 3

    this is our top car category & includes large cars, people carriers, MPVs & all 4 wheel drive cars (regardless of size and including suv's and crossovers). all cars above 200 inches in length. some examples are below

    If you're unsure as to what catagory your car is in please click here.

    BMW X1 Series & X3 Citroen Picasso Mazda 5 Ford S-MAX
    Subaru Outback BMW X5 & x6 Volvo XC60 & xc90 VW Toureg
    Audi Q5 Bentley Arnage Honda CRV Rolls Phantom
    Toyota Cruiser Citroen c Cross Mercedes ML Seat Alhambra
    Range Rover Vauxhall Zafira Toyota Rav4 Fiat panda 4x4
    Mercedes A Class
  • £400.00
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Our Car Class's

We seperate cars into different category’s, this is dependant on the length of the car, if you need to find out what category select the option below.


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