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bmw exhibition

bmw sponsors the o2 arena and we were asked to prepare their flagship products, displayed at the strategic access ways at the arena. there are two cars one displayed in a case and the other on a platform. it was clear that the only company commensurate with the bmw brand and able to prepare the vehicles was

we attended on a sunday and using our premium products and methods to prepare and ready for display, these stunning cars. as one of the vehicles was to be displayed outside, we had to adjust our methods so that they looked the best they can for as long as they can. we applied a premium wax so that not only did the paintwork have a greater lustre but also the protection was further enhanced. the other vehicle was housed inside a glass case. once again, with the convertible, we needed to make sure that from all angles and from any view, the interior and the exterior would look superb. this service ensured that bmw's products were shown in the best light.

BMW Exhibitions BMW Exhibitions
BMW Exhibitions

we have a wealth of experience from international motor show’s to top gear live. from new vehicle launches to media events, our services and staff will tailor to your exact needs and requirements. we can offer flexible packages to cater for the one off preparation to the continuous daily maintenance. our fully trained and uniquely uniformed staff can either be supplied full time or for coverage whilst the client’s staff are absent. whilst initially preparing the cars all our staff are uniformed in our regular work wear, however, once the event commences, they change into our formal and exclusive uniform. this consists of a formal black short sleeved and logoed shirt, black pleated trousers and black shoes. all our staff are trained to be well presented, well groomed polite and efficient and yet also discreet. time management is essential, as is respect and courtesy, all of which are natural to our staff. All our staff are trained by autoglym - (certified by autoglym) so they are well versed in the requirements and processes needed for a successful event.

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want more from your exhibition?

  • car skates
    exhibition optional extras - car skates

    car skates

    if you are limited in space, man power or having trouble manoeuvring your show car(s) or simply concerned about marking the surface or floor then car skates are the perfect option. we can provide sturdy, heavy duty and as many as you like to move as many cars as you like. the advantage of this method is that the car can be moved almost on the spot, without the ruching of carpets, floor coverings and protectors that is often the result of turning wheels and positioning.

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  • tyre plinths
    exhibition optional extra

    tyre plinths

    once your show car is positioned it may also be a requirement of the venue or simply you want to enhance the stand or position, to have the vehicle positioned on tyre plinths. these can be raised or flat and can be of any material to suit your requirements or the environment/location using our bespoke flat plinths.

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  • roped areas
    exhibition optional extra, roped areas

    roped areas

    for many exhibitors, the need to show, yet protect their vehicle or product is paramount. so to protect your show car from the hand prints, grease marks, breakages and other collateral damage or if you want to restrict access to your vehicle to VIP's and invited guests only then roping off with poles and ropes is perfect. we can provide any coloured ropes or our standard black or red ropes. all ropes can be mated with chrome or matt black stands and connections.

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  • oil trays
    exhibition optional extras - oil trays.

    oil trays

    some exhibition and show venues insist that vehicles are free from potential hazards and from spillages on their floors. they require that their flooring is not marked, specially hotels and conference centres. so once you the car is in its final show position, you can choose the option of our oil trays and any accidental spillages will be collected on our purpose designed oil collection trays. wide width and available in bespoke sizes, they collect and hold all liquid spillages and allow easy removal and disposal of the contents with easy repositioning.

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  • number plates
    exhibition optional extras, custom number plates

    number plates

    to finish off that professional corporate look, we can provide personalised number plates, stating your company name, the car make or model or your corporate or bespoke message. they are fully compliant UK number plates (yellow and white) with the text being the standard UK registration plate writing or bespoke to your requirements. our service includes, delivery and fitting if required.

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  • floor protectors
    exhibition optional extra, floor protectors

    floor protector

    many exhibition and show venues require you to ensure that the movement to and within the venue are protected. our floor protectors do this. using them stops the car's tyres marking carpets, floors, and ground surfaces. our covers are durable large and lightly coloured to ensure marks are visible and so clean on each new use. we can even provide heavy duty covers for heavier loads. they allow for a wide and extensive cover and due to their size and number, we can move your car easily smoothly and without marking.

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