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hints & tips

we're here to help, and listen to our customers. so our customers are always asking our experienced team what is the best way of keeping your vehicle in tip top condition. so we asked our team to share some of their secrets.

step 1

make sure your car is cool and out of direct sunlight and free from excess dirt and mud. if needs be, rinse down the car with a hose or pressure washer.

step 2

apply a good quality wheel cleaner (we would recommend autoglym's) agitate with a wheel brush or similar and then rinse down.

step 3

using a good quality sponge and a bucket of water, filled with a good quality wash wax, lather the wheels and remove the dirt.

step 4

from the bottom of the car, using a separate sponge and bucket filled with exterior body wash wax, lather down the entire car, including the sills, skirts, bumpers and plastic mats.

step 5

starting from the top and working down rinse the car down, including the wheels (and rubber mats) using a hose or pressure washer. ensure all detergent is removed.

step 6

using a good quality leather, dry the exterior paintwork thoroughly. using separate leather, dry the door and boot shuts.

step 7

vacuum all interior soft furnishings, (seats carpets and boot area) and empty ash trays. slide front seats forward and use crevice tool to get under and down the sides of the seats.

step 8

using a damp cloth or leather, wipe all interior plastics, concentrating on dashboard and particularly soiled areas. dress plastics using a quality dashboard cleaner.

step 9

clean the glass using a premium glass polish and cleaner. clean outside completely and then the inside. the surrounds and mirrors should also be cleaned.

step 10

go around the completed car and check that you have completed all the areas. collect your equipment and put away.

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